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We are proud to welcome you to Soleal-Stables, on our beautiful Geneva Lake.

A passion for horses and perfection...


Soleal Stables is a dedicated place for the training of Elite Jumping horses for the highest level competitions. We buy young horses from all over Europe, based on their pedigree and unique identified talents, to train them for several years until they have reached the level of perfection that will make them future potential word champions.

Based in Switzerland, near Fribourg, in one of the most elective place for horse riding and training in Europe, we enjoy being surrounded by nature while close to most International competitions.  


With over 20 years of experience, our team is dedicated to our horses 24/7, with the support of a team of Veterinary Experts of worldwide reputation. We believe in the success of an Elite horse, the same way as for an Athlete, through high level mental and sportive education. This cannot happen without ensuring a high level Quality of Life for the Horse and the best technical training conditions. 


We know that we will only be one part in the life of the horses we train, but it is important for us to make sure they will continue in the hands of highly talented people, knowing how to get the best out of them while taking the best care of them...      

Ines Bruttin



La Perfection ne doit rien au Hasard... mais tout à la patience et à l'entrainement

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