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Gypsy of Soleal ranked Top 10 World Jumping 6yo Champion (FEI-1/3/20) after the Sunshine Tour!

Glamour Girl of Soleal and Baccary of Soleal ranked in the top 100 World best 6yo Jumping horses at the Zangersheide FEI World Championship in Lanaken.



TOP 10





Starting from January 2021, Soleal-Stables SA has taken over all activities of Soleal-Stables Lda in Switzerland. All horses have moved to brand new stables in Bassin, near Geneva, under the responsibility of Ines Buttin.

By moving to Switzerland, Soleal Stables will be closer to the major Jumping competitions in Europe and to  professional jumping activities.


- 2nd half 2021

- 1st half 2021

Baccary Winner in Pte Lima

Baccary Winner in Coimbra

Baccary Clear Round Alfeizerao

Baccary Clear Round Barcelos

Baccary Clear Round Lisboa

Great performances in Knokke July 2021
Winner in Vidauban June 2021
Winner in Rosiere aux Salines May 2021
Moving to Switzerland
27-02-2020 KRF_6474.JPG

Glamour Girl: Winner in Lezerias

Glamour Girl Winner in Pte Lima

Glamour Girl: 5 CR at Sunshine

Glamour Girl: Winner GP in Porto

Glamour Girl Winner in Coimbra

Glamour Girl Winner in Alfeizerao

Glamour Girl 6 Cl. Rounds Vejer 

Glamour Girl Winner in Barcelos 

Glamour Girl Second in Lisboa 

12-02-2020 AMF_4800.JPG

Costa Rica: 5 CR at Sunshine

Costa Rica: Winner in Pte Lima

Costa Rica: Winner in Pte Lima

Costa Rica Cl. Round Alfeizerao

Costa Rica Cl. Round Barcelos

Costa Rica Cl. Round Barcelos

Costa Rica: Winner in Coimbra

Costa Rica: Winner in Coimbra

Costa Rica: Cl. Round in Vimeiro

Costa Rica: Cl. Round in Lisboa

27-02-2020 IMG_2241.JPG

TOP 10



Gypsy: Winner at Sunshine 2020

Gypsy: Winner in Coimbra

Gypsy: Clear Rounds in Vimeiro

Gypsy: Clear Round in Vilamoura

Gypsy: Winner in Vilamoura

Gypsy: Winner in Lisbon

- December 2020

Winner in Alfazeirao Nov 2020

- October 2020

Winner in Porto Oct 2020

- February 2020

- January 2020

Winner in Lisbon Jan 2020

- November 2019

- September 2019

- August 2019

- June 2019

- May 2019

Clear Rounds at Barcelos CSN A
Clear Rounds at Ponte de Lima CSN A

- Fev-Mar 2019

- November 2018

- August 2018

- June 2018

- May 2018

- March 2018

- January 2018

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