Our breeding activity takes place in the center of the exceptional Natural region of Alentejo (Portugal).

Matching talents to make future champions ...


Soleal Stables is working with one of the best Veterinary expert in Artificial Insemination, selecting the best Stallions and Mares according to their specific talents and esthetics for future jumping champions.


Together with partners, who have devoted their passion to raising horses, we are ensuring the highest standard in horse breeding. The foals enjoy the best conditions to be raised at the heart of nature together with their Mare in small size groups. Over their first 3 years, the young horses are carefully supervised by a veterinary expert and progressively accustomed to Man, before being taken in charge by Pascal Fatien to get their further professional jumping experience. 



A first Star is born on March 21st 2019: Equiniox of Soleal !


Equinox of Soleal and her mother Baccary of Soleal


A second Star is born on June 1st 2020: Princess Costa of Soleal!

Princess Costa.png

And here are our Swiss Freiberger (Franche-Montagne) horses...  For adventure and fun ...

Elektra plaque.png